Friday, October 30, 2009

Feature : Dawn Correspondence

Welcome to my first FEATURE FRIDAY where I feature fabulous Etsyians.  I've been wanting to do this for quite awhile and finally got my act together -- not only did I want to celebrate some of my favorite artists and crafters, but I find that I gather inspiration from learning about those that I admire.  Not all of the questions are your typical artist questions, but aim at different ways to get to know the artists we love!

Today, please meet Amanda of Dawn Correspondence.  Amanda creates beautifully fresh stationary for all your occasions.  Please check out both of her lovely shops at Etsy and Artfire and also follow her along with her blog!  Every day she serves up some fantastic ideas and items.  Thanks Amanda for participating!

(1) Tell me a bit about you! 
I grew up and still live in Richmond, VA! I left for a few years to go to college, but other than that, I really enjoy Richmond, so I chose to come back here. It's such a great, eclectic city for artists. I have to be doing something at all times - relaxing is a very hard task for me, and I have to concentrate really hard to relax at all!

(2) How would you describe your work in 5 words or less? 
Clean, simple, and colorful designs.

(3) Where are you right now and name 10 things surrounding you?
I am in my newly organized office! It's such a great feeling to have everything in it's proper place! I am surrounded by 3 dogs (Phoebe, Kip, and Bella!), 2 shelves chock-full of envelopes and paper products (see above!), an Epson printer, a cabinet full of ribbon, a painting I did years ago that gives me inspiration from time to time, a photo of my grandmother who has passed, and an easel for the day that I have time to actually pull it out and paint again!

(4) If money was no object, where are the top three places you would want to travel to and why?  
I would love to travel to Australia, Italy, and South Africa. They all seem extremely inspirational to me - the art, the food, the natural surroundings. I get most of my inspiration from nature, so I know I would get some amazing ideas and inspiration in these locations!

(5) Do you have a favorite item of clothing and why?
I have a pair of navy blue sweats I cannot seem to give up. They have paint stains all over them, and the string to tighten them is long gone, so I have to continuously tug at them, but they are SO comfy. They are my go-to pants when I want to spend the day at home crafting. They have been with me through bad times, good times, exciting times, and quiet times, so they hold a lot of memories.

(6) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert? 
That's a toughie. It really depends on my mood. I try to enjoy each meal of the day. It's the one time I can relax and spend time with my friends or family without feeling like I need to be working. I am a sucker for brownies, though! That can be breakfast, can't it??

One of Amanda's holiday cards

(7) Where do you draw inspiration from? 
Almost all my inspiration comes from nature. It's the time I feel most relaxed and actually take the time to sit and enjoy my surroundings. Whether it be on a long drive, sitting on the porch, or at the park, I always come home with so many ideas I have the energy to start creating new items.

(8) What has been your most memorable sale? 
 Probably one of my very first sales offline when I first started selling my items. A friend of a friend of a friend's daughter ordered wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, and thank you notes. It was such an exciting and nerve-racking time for me. I poured my heart into that order to make sure it was perfect. To this day, I still sell those exact items! It was also a GREAT order for so early in the game for me!

(9) What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
I am currently loving my "You're a Breath of Fresh Air" card, because it has a great story behind it. My boyfriend quit smoking a few months ago, and his strength to quit with NO outside help (from medication, patches, etc.) inspired me to create note cards specifically for individuals who have quit smoking. The Breath of Fresh Air card is my most recent, and was designed for scientific and aesthetic purposes. Smokers who quit begin to feel the effects of more oxygen in their system within hours (this is what sometimes makes smoking so hard to quit - they are not used to the extra oxygen and it makes them feel sick). My note card is based on that fact, and of course just general encouragement for the recipient of the card!

(10) Can you describe the process by which your create your pieces? 
My process generally changes, however there is a simple underlying process I try to follow with each project or order. I keep an ongoing list of ideas in a notebook, and to create a new or custom item I always refer to that notebook. Once I find something that matches what I'd like (or need) to create, I will begin sketching out an idea directly onto the computer. Most of the time I'll get a general idea, leave it for a few hours or overnight, and then come back to it for fine-tuning. I'll print a final proof, usually get feedback from the buyer and/or family members and friends, and then print the final product!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday 56 - Blue Latitudes

A weekly meme hosted by Storytime with Tonya and Friends.
* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of this blog.
* Post a link along with your post back to this blog.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

I read about this at Nathalie's blog -- Snowbell Jewelry!

The book closest to me is "Blue Latitudes" by Tony Horwitz. I'm about a third through this book and I love it! Tony follows Captain Cook's sailing adventure around the south pacific, and has so far hit upon French Polynesia, New Zealand, and now Australia.

Here's pg. 56, 5th sentence: "Cook reciprocated with trinkets."

(Oh that wasn't very exciting! Lol).

Friday, August 21, 2009


I was reading about this season's "hottest" colors ... and was actually quite thrilled to see what colors they picked. The colors are a mix of one of my best friends, Michelle, and my favorite colors to wear: TEAL (me), PAPAYA (Michelle), and AMEYTHST (Both -- Plus my birthstone :)). So this week's FRIDAY FAVES brings us favorite TEAL etsy items.

With every week, all of these items came up after searching for "teal" items on etsy. Hope you love them as much as I do! The links to these fabulous shops and items are below. Cheers! Happy Friday!

Refraction - Square Large Rose Cabochon Necklace - Square barnwood style frame - square
omg shoes print - square Brightly Colored Door Photo - Square Teal Sunflower - Square
Kentile Floors TShirt merino scarf - square Blue Octopus - Square

1. Refraction 8x10 Print by Lori411 2. Large Rose Cabochon Necklace with Pearls by pinkingedgedesigns 3. 11x14 Colored Barnwood Styel Teal Frame by 2DogsWoodWorking 4. OMG Shoes Print by tuttistudio
5. Brightly Colored Door by hannahstaton 6. Teal Sunflower by mlwdesigns 7. Kentile Floors Sign Brooklyn T-Shirt by livepoultry 8. Merino Scarf by scarfguy 9. Verdigris Blue Octopus Necklace by CosmicFirely

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Faves: Hawaii (and More) Finds

So, I love it when Friday comes around every week... not only does it mean it is ALMOST the weekend (and really, mentally, I'm at the weekend), but I also get the chance to window shop through Etsy for Friday Faves. (Although I do try to cull some of the picks during the week...).

This week's "Friday Faves" celebrates one of my favorite places, and somewhere I would one day love to move to, HAWAII. Now I took a few liberties here. Although MOST of these items were found by keyword searching "HAWAII" in Etsy, some of them were simply some of my new favorite items that reminded me of Hawaii (and... truth be told, two of my own items may have snuck in here).

I was a little bit overzealous today (lots of items!), but hope you enjoy these and please check out these Etsy shops -- they are filled with other beautiful items to check out.

Happy Friday to you!

CounttheWaves Hula Piggie HeartonRockJ
TisforTurtle Waimea Golden Burgundy VintageBeachCrate
Unseen Currents Rainy Plumeria Pure Ekolu
AquaBlueMasonJars Sun grass love Luau Invitation
PrettyPalms Hawaiian Honu RememberHappiness
Hawaii Travel Leather Photo Album HulaGirlKitchenTowel Sepia Diamond Head

1. Count the Waves by dazeychic 2. HULA PIGGIE Dancing Pig Original Painting by faraharia 3. Coral Heart Love Greeting Card by jaxandj 4. T is for Turtle by strawberryluna 5. Waimea - Golden Burgundy Edition Earrings by ManoaRain 6. Vintage Beach Crate by OliveRue 7. Unseen Currents Postcards by interrupt 8. Rainy Plumeria 8x10 Print by mailehermstad 9. Pure Ekolu Luxe Gold Edition Necklace by ManoaRain 10. Aqua Blue Mason Jars by MilkGlassVintage
11. Sun, grass, and love by Snowbell 12. Luau Invitation by cardsbycarolyn 13. Pretty Palms by ablaze 14. Hawaiian honu ornament by hulabeachceramics
15. Remember Happiness by vol25 16. Hawaii Travel Leather Photo Album by leathermaps 17. Hula Girl Kitchen Towel by ooladesigns
18. Waikiki Dream Card by jaxandj

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking for a title for this slice of paradise...

Hello friends! I'm in search of a title for my latest greeting card to list on Etsy (see above!). The picture was taken in beautiful Bora Bora ... and to me, it is a slice of paradise. But my naming skills are not so great (at least my creative is waning today), so I'd love your help. Please post your suggestions as comments! For the person who selects the winning name, I'll send off to you two greeting cards and a fabulous postcard from jaxandj :) Be sure to include your email addys (or other contact info -- etsy webshops, twitter, etc) so I can contact you.

Thanks so much!

Addendum: The title has been selected!! Christine Vance of Vance Studios picked out the title "Under the Bora Bora Sun." I thought this was a perfect fit for the photo... Will definitely be drawing on all your creative minds again soon (and perhaps using some of your suggested titles for other pics!). See the card here. Thanks again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Featured in Schmap's Honolulu Guide, 8th Edition

Loco Moco

One of my photos, "Loco Moco" (above) was selected to be featured in the 8th Edition of the Schmap Honolulu guide! The Schmap guides provide detailed information about destinations around the world -- and quite handily, by mapping all the hot destinations out for you. Check it out here :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Faves: SAFARI!

This week's Friday Faves brings us Etsy items with the keyword SAFARI. Now, when my friend suggested this word to me, I thought it would pull up quite a bit of dresses with zebra prints, purses with leopard print and so forth. But, interestingly, what it turned out was a lot of just super adorable items. Mainly depicting safari animals! I am a sucker for cute things, particularly cute animals, so this was a fun experience looking through all the safari items in etsy. Hope you enjoy them too!

As always, love to hear what you think. Leave some love and comments! AND check out these fabulous etsy shops (by clicking on the "description links" below the pics). HAPPY FRIDAY!

TikiGiraffePrint RainbowHippo HippoToyKnittingPattern
SafariAnimalDrawerPullsAlphabetSafariBlock RhinoRhetoric

ZoOoLovemonkey GiraffesTShirt OriginalArtGreenElephant

1. Tiki Giraffe Print by PinkandHank 2. Rainbow Hippo Glossy Note Cards by BrittanyBellows 3. Hippo Toy Knitting Pattern by Jellybum 4. Jungle Safari Handprinted Wood Drawer Pull Knobs by LisaEverettDesigns
Vinyl Wall Art - Alphabet Safari Blocks by janeymacpress 6. Rhino Rhetoric - Set of 5 Mini Notecards by papervictory 7. ZoOo Love- Money by vol25 8. Giraffes American Apparel Womens Aqua Blue T-Shirt by happyfamily 9. Original Art Green Elephant Painting by lollipopart
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