Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Faves: SAFARI!

This week's Friday Faves brings us Etsy items with the keyword SAFARI. Now, when my friend suggested this word to me, I thought it would pull up quite a bit of dresses with zebra prints, purses with leopard print and so forth. But, interestingly, what it turned out was a lot of just super adorable items. Mainly depicting safari animals! I am a sucker for cute things, particularly cute animals, so this was a fun experience looking through all the safari items in etsy. Hope you enjoy them too!

As always, love to hear what you think. Leave some love and comments! AND check out these fabulous etsy shops (by clicking on the "description links" below the pics). HAPPY FRIDAY!

TikiGiraffePrint RainbowHippo HippoToyKnittingPattern
SafariAnimalDrawerPullsAlphabetSafariBlock RhinoRhetoric

ZoOoLovemonkey GiraffesTShirt OriginalArtGreenElephant

1. Tiki Giraffe Print by PinkandHank 2. Rainbow Hippo Glossy Note Cards by BrittanyBellows 3. Hippo Toy Knitting Pattern by Jellybum 4. Jungle Safari Handprinted Wood Drawer Pull Knobs by LisaEverettDesigns
Vinyl Wall Art - Alphabet Safari Blocks by janeymacpress 6. Rhino Rhetoric - Set of 5 Mini Notecards by papervictory 7. ZoOo Love- Money by vol25 8. Giraffes American Apparel Womens Aqua Blue T-Shirt by happyfamily 9. Original Art Green Elephant Painting by lollipopart

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  1. Very cute! I love everything. Thanks for inlcuding me.


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