Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Faves: Bohemian Finds

I've decided as a nice way to cap off the week by celebrating some new favorite etsy items! I'll pick a random word and feature my favorite etsy items that come up... Today's word (as selected by one of my lovely best friends, Anjali): BOHEMIAN. Enjoy :)

White Makai Necklace Soviet Coin Earrings Liquid Gold Mesh Rock
A lil bit of red flower headband Bohemian Number Five Bohemian Dream
Fallen Snow Scarf Celebration Mojo Charm Necklace Canopy

1. White Makai Necklace 2. Soviet Coin Earrings
3. Liquid Gold Mesh Rock and Roll Cuff bracelet
4. A lil bit of red flower headband 5. Bohemian Number Five 8x10 Print 6. Bohemian Dream
7. Fallen Snow Scarf 8. The Celebration Mojo Charm Necklace
9. Canopy


  1. What a good idea for a friday post!

  2. What a great idea-I may kind of use that idea, if you don't mind!!? I always love finding new favorite etsy shops!!

  3. Oh no of course! Please do use it too :) It's so fun and a great way to stumble across other shops...


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